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Assurance - Rachel Thomas

Do you believe in people who say they marry because of love,' Alicia asked Bill?  Yes, I do why do you ask? Bill wanted to know. It’s just that my friend Harriet was all over the place some years back always talking about her she was getting married to Bobby because of love and four years down the road they are getting a divorce. 'Is that how love works?' Alicia asked again. At this moment bill was short of words has been thinking on the best answer to give. He knew at this point, answers would likely be used against him. He really loved Alicia, but she knew how to twist his words to make him fill guilty. Bill was not ready to fall into this trap today so he tried his best to avoid the question.

Bill was a law student while Alicia was attending acting classes, they both meet at the birthday of a mutual friend and have been dating for six months now. Bill believes that Alicia is using him to practise her acting. Alicia is a strong and independent lady, she hates depending on people this may be to the fact that she lost her parents when she was 12 and grew up with her grand mom. Bill, on the other hand, is overly dependent and fancies having people around, Alicia hated that she is gradually becoming dependent on Bill and she hates it, but she can’t deny the fact that she deeply loves and cares for Bill, this has not been the case in her previous relationships. She had always been the one to quit her relationships. She always had this mindset that her partners would leave just the way her parents left when they died and did not want to go through that phase again in her life, that’s the reason why she built her defence wall high. But she can’t understand the reason why all her defence systems are gradually coming down when it comes to Bill.

Back to the question at hand, what Bill does not understand that is that this current question was coming directly from Alicia's soul as she is at cross roads and wants assurance from Bill, that he won’t leave her the way her parents left her? All she needed was someone to help feel the vacuum that she built a wall to conceal. She hated being vulnerable and right now she is very vulnerable with Bill. When she repeated the question, Bill could hear the sadness in her voice and decided to give her assurance by hugging her. Life is all about finding that special one that fills the void and you complete me, he said to her. If I am not complete without you then how can I let you go, I can't be an incomplete man. This was all the assurance that Alex needed as she left for her.

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Fun and bubbly, that's me! I am told I am a walking joie de vivre . I love everything about lifeand I am happy to share my passion every day on the internet. Very hands on and curious, in this blog will discover a bunch of exciting stuff! Well.., that’s the way I am!