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Bigger the better!

Bigger the better! - Rachel Thomas

My sister and her partner decided that it was about time for them to purchase a house. A bigger one. I felt the need to mention that size seemed to be an important factor in their decision. They were renting a property for more than five years. Until recently they were quite happy living in there and paying a decent rent. If you’d asked me, I would say that it was dirt cheap, given the size of it and that it came with a huge back yard. Anyway, this info seemed to be irrelevant for them.

Now they were convinced that they needed a house with three bedrooms. My first question was if they were expecting another child. It did not make any sense for me to upgrade if the number of people was the same. My sister replied she was not pregnant. She added that she was not planning to having a second child. She motivated her decision by the lack of space within their actual house. 

I suggested to her to try getting rid of some of the old things that they did not use or need, instead of turning into hoarders. Obviously that my last remark seemed a bit harsh and it was not welcomed too well. I saw the expression my sister had on her face when she heard me. I regretted not being more diplomatic about this issue. 

They asked me if I could put them in contact with one of my friends, who was working for a private lender. They seemed to be determined to go for a private mortgage, no matter what I would have said.

Since it was their life and their money, I gave them my friend’s phone number and tried to stay out of their way. Actually, I did not ask any questions on this topic, nor mentioned to my mother, as instructed by my sister. Her and mom were not in a good place. For the past six months, we were arguing for almost everything. They were not able to find a common ground and leave aside their emotions in order to have a decent or peaceful conversation. 

When my mother found out I kept that piece of information from her, it turned into a drama. She played the victim’s role and ended up by saying that she disowned me. I can’t say I was too surprised. When you come from a dysfunctional family, everything is possible.

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