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A dinner with friends

A dinner with friends - Rachel Thomas

Tonight I was supposed to go out with my boyfriend and two of his friends. They had invited us for dinner. I didn’t go. I didn’t feel like it. It did not wish to go and get bored again while they would talk for hours about tubular lead acid batteries Toronto. I did not enjoy it when t happened the first time, so why would I put myself in the same situation again? 

If my boyfriend can not understand he has to pay more attention to me than to his friends, maybe we should take a break. It does not mean I am a selfish person or I am not interested in his life. I am. But listening to them talking about something I don’t understand ( and they make no effort to explain) for hours, it does not sound appealing at all. 

The only reason I accepted the first dinner invitation was because I wanted to spend time with him, to get to know him better, not get all tech about those damn batteries. Who cares about that? Not me!

Anyway, since I decided to skip his invitation, I sent him a text saying I was too tired and I was not feeling good. I know that was not the right thing to do. But I had no wish to see him tonight, nor explain myself in front of other people. We needed to have a private, serious conversation, only the two of us.

I wanted to tell him I was serious about having a relationship and even taking it to the next level. But in the same time, I could not say any of these words before reassuring myself that we were both on the same page. That meant we had to sit down and come up with some basic rules. 

No more boring dinners with work colleagues! That would have been the first rule on my agenda. I had nothing against that couple. I am sure they may be lovely people. It’s just that I felt excluded while they were all talking about something I had no understanding of. While they were so focused, I looked at my food and at the window. That’s not my ideal of a dinner with my partner. I want someone that I can talk to, that would listen what I have to say. If I want to dine alone, I go out alone. I don’t need a partner to make me feel more lonelier.

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