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Grandma’s here!

Grandma’s here! - Rachel Thomas

Today, I feel privileged. I am enjoying the benefits of having a grandparent in the house. It is five o'clock in the afternoon, and I am typing in here. Usually, I don’t get a chance to lay a finger on my laptop until the children are fast asleep.

Two days ago, my mother made us a surprise visit. One day prior to her visit, I purchased two awnings montreal, which were supposed to be delivered the following day. That's when my mom arrived. I heard the doorbell and rushed to open it, thinking it was the delivery guy.

When I saw that it wasn't him and my mother was standing in front of my door, I was speechless. I thought I am not seeing properly. As far as I knew she was on a cruise in the Caribbeans with her friends.

Later on, she revealed that my older sister had mention to her that I was a bit overwhelmed, and I gave her the impression that I needed some help with the kids. Thus, she packed her suitcase and came over.

I have no words to describe how happy I was to see her. It was truly a blessing to have someone helping out in the house and especially with the twins. This morning, I woke up to the smell of fresh coffee and roasted pecan pie. I forgot how delicious was my mom's pie! 

When I looked at the clock, I panicked. It was 8 AM and I was in bed. For a second I freaked out, thinking that I overslept and I wasn't able to hear the twins. They wake up at 6 AM each morning and I hear them babbling on my monitor. I checked the monitor, they were not in their beds.

The next second, I remembered my mom was there and she was taking care of them. When I went downstairs, I found both of them cuddling with her, while she was reading them one of the books she had brought for them.

They were so comfortable with grandma that they barely noticed me passing through the room. I went to the kitchen, poured myself a cup of coffee and went straight for the pie. That was amazing!

I looked around and everything was neat. Dishes were washed, toys and books were back on the shelves. Children were fed and well entertained by grandma. Grandma rocked! I guess that while raising the five of us, my siblings and I, she developed some skills. My children were glued to her the entire day.

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