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How To Find The Perfect Wedding Organizer

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Organizer - Rachel Thomas

I plan my life right down to the details. After finishing high school, I started studying economics. If finished it on time and got work three months later. OK, I planned to get the job in a two month period, but you cannot everything right all the time.

I have been working for seven years now in stakholder engagement software Toronto, and I progressed as planned. Now I'm back in town. I work hard, but I like my work and it makes me happy. I bought a small apartment, and I travel a lot, just as I planned. My life is just what I wanted to be.

There is one part of my life I did not want to plan in advance. That is my personal life. Every time I was talking about my plans, my mother used to ask me what about marriage and children. And I always told her I do not want to plan that part of my life. When the right person comes, then it will happen.

I was right. Last year I met THE guy. He was ra epresentative of our business partner. He is tall, dark, good looking, charming and funny. He loves to travel, adores animals and nature, and he likes to solve crosswords.

We went on a date and it was perfect. As time passed, we were spending more and more time together. I did not take long before we moved in together. My mother kept on asking about marriage, but I believe you must leave some things lie; let them have their own rhythm. There was no need to hurry.

Two months ago we were on a dinner date when he proposed to me. It was like in the movie and, of course, I agreed. Everyone was thrilled, but when I told my best friend the big news, she started talking about the things I have to do if I want to have the perfect wedding. I felt dizzy.

My first impulse was to find first wedding organizer and let them do all the work. I knew it was not a great idea, but that was only I could remember. Next day I noticed an ad in our local newspaper about the bridal show this weekend.

I went to the show with my friend and it was my best decision in a long time (after saying yes, of course). I found many ideas, many dresses, and many interesting products. And most important, there were so many wedding organizers.

I talked with some of them and found the perfect person. She was nice, kind, and very understanding. She respected my wishes completely. Next week I went to visit her with my fiancé. He agreed she could organize our wedding perfectly.

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