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I Didn't Know That The Air Could Be The Cause

I Didn't Know That The Air Could Be The Cause - Rachel Thomas

It was the peak of the summer season as far as I recall. My grandma used to have a lot of breathing issues because she was suffering from asthma. She used to use an air pump to suck air whenever she had breathing problems. I used to sneak into her room to check the air pump. As I was young, I used to wonder why she couldn't breathe and why could I breathe easily.

I used to ask this question to my dad. He used to tell me that grandma was ill and that the air pump was her medicine. But somehow, I did not quite understand it. My grandma passed away when I was only 14.

As I grew older, I started feeling that I had issues with my own breathing. I did not realize it in the beginning but as the problem grew worse, I started getting frustrated because of it. I decided to go to the doctor to have a complete check-up.

The doctor asked me if I was allergic to something. I did not know that I could be allergic to anything. So, he asked me to get my house inspected for air quality testing. This way, the cause of the problem could be exposed.

I was not aware if air could be the cause of my breathing issue, much less anything in the air creating such a breathing issue. I researched on the web later that night and was surprised to find out that there are many companies which provide the services of air quality testing. I compared the charges and services of a few companies and finally opted for one.

I emailed them and received an inspection team the next day. They used equipments to check the quality of indoor. After one day, I received an email in which they told me the details of their findings. Yes, I was allergic to pollen.

After that, I went to my doctor and showed him the email. He then advised me to take the medicines and follow some specific precautionary measures to prevent the issue.

It was then I realized that air could be the main reason behind the breathing issue of my grandma. I started taking medicines and adopt all the precautionary measures for preventing my health from such bad issues later on. 

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