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Online Jewelry Business

Online Jewelry Business - Rachel Thomas

I didn’t know that owning a small business would bring me fame which would be difficult to handle. It was my decision to open up an online jewelry business because I was interested in the stuff and wanted to earn some money to supplement my personal income. So I initiated an online business over the famous social media website, Facebook.

I created a Facebook fan page and started to promote it in my existing friends circle. Slowly and gradually, the number of likes started to increase and I was on my way to make an online presence for my venture. However, the process was quite slow and even after a year had passed, I was just able to cross the 1,500-mark. This fact disappointed me and I decided to search the internet about advertisement and promotional techniques.

That was the time when I came across search engine optimization, or SEO for short. I went on to search further to explore what the concept is and it would work. I had reviewed many websites and blogs regarding search engine optimization, the knowledge needed and expertise to be implemented. Even though I was a small business owner, I was not in a position to implement it on my fan page.

Wondering what to do now, I called my best friend whom I had always relied upon. Upon hearing my concern, she gave me the idea of contacting the famous company named Toronto SEO Company. She said that the company would deal with all the matters and I needed not to worry. And she was so right about that.

When I contacted the company, I inquired about the process and showed interest in its working. The professional and expert staff at the company skillfully guided me and explained that SEO can be complex, and the right effort needs to be put in place in order to get the desired results. Because I was already running a FB fan page, the step that needed to be taken was its promotion. Only when any business gets good amounts of traffic is it able to enjoy a good market standing and brand image. That was essentially all that needed to be done on the company’s behalf and I just had to wait and manage my page. The company worked so well that within a few weeks, my page got a large number of views from all over the world which meant that I was headed in the right direction and the number of likes was constantly on the rise.

Since then, my business has attracted worldwide fame and I now get orders from all over the world.

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Fun and bubbly, that's me! I am told I am a walking joie de vivre . I love everything about lifeand I am happy to share my passion every day on the internet. Very hands on and curious, in this blog will discover a bunch of exciting stuff! Well.., that’s the way I am!