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The School Playground

The School Playground - Rachel Thomas

As a mother I think that it's only natural that I want what is best for my child. I want him to go to the best school and I want to ensure that he is kept away from danger as much as possible. That’s why I am so angry that his school has allowed the main playground to deteriorate into its current condition.

The area is clearly old and nobody has been maintaining it from what I can see. There are cracks all over the place and random bits of weed and grass are sprouting up. It's a tripping hazard of nothing else. I don’t think anybody can deny that a good layer of park paving Edmonton is needed to spruce the whole thing up.

The situation is better than it was at least. Last year the footpaths surrounding the school were all in the same condition. Cracks all over the place and danger wherever the eye happened to land so it was with great relief when I found out that the council would be putting a new layer of paving down to keep the footpaths safe. One done, one to go, as far as I'm concerned.

I’ve already raised my issues with the principal and to be fair he has already mentioned that renovating the playground is high on the school’s agenda. He even mentioned a few park paving companies that they are considering to do the job, but at the same time they have to wait until the school holidays else they will end up disrupting the children's education. It's a little bit of a catch-22 situation so I can understand why things are getting delayed.

Still, I want to help in whatever way that I can so I've made sure my son knows about the dangers the playground currently presents and I've asked him to only play on the areas that are still in good repair. For my part I’m going to get online and see if I can help the school out a little bit. They have only found a couple of park paving companies so I’m going to see if I can give them more of a selection. Changing things for the better won’t just benefit my son, it will also ensure that other parents won’t have to worry about their own children getting hurt whenever they go out to play.

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