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Some random thoughts

Some random thoughts - Rachel Thomas

On the way back from my mom’s cottage I was thinking to suggest her to search for a company specialized in mold removal Terrebonne. While I was in there, I was not able to breathe properly and I think that mold might have something to do with it.

Maybe I should look for someone and then contact them for an estimate. I fear mom would reject the idea because she would think that their services would be expensive. She will tell me that for the little time she spends in there, it will not be worth doing it.

From one point of view, I will agree with her. She barely goes to the cottage. Maybe once or twice per year. Even then she won’t stay more than two days. Not alone! When dad was alive, they used to spend the entire summer in there. After he died, she never stay there for too long. I guess that she found it painful to be surrounded by a lifetime of memories. There, she still has some of my dad’s clothes, his trophies, a wall full of their photos and so on.

Back home, in her condo she only kept some of the photos with him. The rest of his personal belongings, she had given it away. It was a daily reminder that he was gone. I remember the day when she finally decided to remove his things from the house. She cried the entire time. We both did.

It was not easy. Especially because it was such a sudden death. We never expect him to have a heart attack. He was never sick. No one in our family had a heart condition or a heart attack before. It was out of the blue. Now he is here, the next second he is gone. That’s how it happened.

Losing dad was a hard moment for all of us. For mom was even worse. She was devastated. Two weeks she refused any food. We ended up in the E.R. with her because of it. They had to give her the IV and keep her there under observation a few days. Luckily the doctor was a great psychologist as well and he eased a bit the transition into her new widow life. He helped her more than any of us could have ever do. I have a lot of respect for that man. Rarely you see a doctor with such a big heart.

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