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The School Crossing

The School Crossing - Rachel Thomas

I noticed something the other day when I was walking my daughter to school. The journey was going the same way it always does. We were chatting about her day and what she thought she was going to learn and I was just making sure that she made the journey safely. I must have had her safety on my mind because as we approached the school, I noticed something that I hadn’t even thought of before. The crossing area into the school doesn’t have any vehicle restraint systems in place that could protect the children from any out of control vehicles, should that situation occur.

I’m not sure if it’s standard practice to have vehicle restraint systems at a crossing point, but you would at least think that there would be some kind of barrier to offering a little bit of protection. It got me a little bit worried if I’m absolutely honest as it got me to thinking what would happen if a car ever did lose control near the crossing. The kids wouldn’t stand a chance!

I’m not really sure what I can do about it now that it’s in my head. I’ve considered asking the school about any options for placing vehicle restraint systems near the crossing. Even something small, like a couple of bollards, would assuage my fears a little bit and make me feel slightly more comfortable when taking my little girl to school. After all, as any parent can surely understand, the safety of my children is of paramount importance to me.

I’ve got it in mind to appeal to the local council in an effort to get something put in place. It doesn’t have to be vehicle restraint systems, as I’m not even sure that’s the term that I’m looking for in the first place. But a little bit of protection for the kids as they cross the road would go a long way to making me feel a lot better.

At the end of the day, safety is the keyword and I think it’s important that our kids are protected as much as possible when they are out of the house. Granted, the school’s responsibilities only extend as far as the school walls, but I think a little consideration about the crossing that practically every child uses on their journey to school wouldn’t go amiss. Maybe I’ll raise my concerns at the next parent council meeting and find out what the consensus is.

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